14 May 2020

Kia ora koutou        

Well done to every parent, caregiver and student who has navigated this extraordinary event over the past weeks!  Now that we are overcoming COVID-19, we are assured schools can safely open.  Students everywhere will be returning to schools from Monday 18 May.  We look forward to welcoming your child back as well.

CRHS sites will not be quite the same as usual.  We will be following all Government recommendations, with a major focus on “playing it safe”:  

  • We will not be working with students, family or team members who are unwell. Teachers will decline to work face-to-face with anyone who is showing any signs of coughs or colds. Please inform the school and do not send your child to us if they are unwell. They will be sent home again!
  • Sites will have specific safety measures in place and will keep a register of all visitors to aid tracking if this becomes necessary.
  • We will also be focussed on good hygiene practices. All sites will expect hands to be sanitised before entering.Physical contact will not be permitted, and appropriate cough / sneeze protocols will be required.
  • Procedures will vary from site to site, so please make sure you know what will be expected, by talking to your child’s teacher.

Over the past weeks, CRHS teachers have been sending hard copy learning materials as well as working on-line and via phone with students, caregivers and parents as you have all attempted to stay connected with learning programmes.  It could be some time before teachers return to visiting homes, or meeting students in the community or at their school.  How each student receives their lessons during Level 2 will be carefully considered and discussed with you well before any changes are made to what is happening at present.

CRHS staff will work closely with each school to ensure transition visits are restarted in line with students’ individual plans.  All schools will have thorough safety plans in place so you can be assured visits will be well managed and safe.  

We understand, the prospect of returning to school sites will be exciting for many of you and some will also have concerns.  It is very important to let your child’s teacher know of any worries you are experiencing.  We will make every endeavour to find the best solutions possible as we head into this new phase of our COVID experience.

Ngā mihi

Jane Wills

 Principal / Tumuaki