Getting Started: This is a time to start the day together where we meet new people, find out what’s happening, and a chance to discuss any issues. 

Curriculum Studies:  Opportunity to work on your own individual core curriculum goals, supported by CRHS-City teachers.  

Workshops: Workshops are held to target group student curriculum goals,  as well as therapeutic needs.

Managing Me:  Group learning about different therapeutic strategies to help you manage your mental health and emotional well being. 

Cooperative/Inquiry Learning: Integrated units of study will be used to develop the Key Competencies. During this time you will work together in small groups and share in the learning. 

Physical Education: This will involve an indoor or outdoor programme to encourage a healthy lifestyle and future fitness ideas. 

Community/Career Studies: Meeting members of our community who will share their life knowledge, experiences and relevant career information.  This can provide helpful advice for you to understand more about community networks and possible career pathways. 

Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC):  Once a fortnight you will participate in activities outside of the classroom. This will enable you to practice the Key Competencies purposeful for transitioning back to school/study or employment.  

Lunch Group: Every second Friday a small group will plan, shop, prepare and cook a healthy shared lunch.  

Creative Pursuits: Once a week you will have an opportunity to participate in various creative activities e.g. art, music, drama.