Central Region Health School


30 November 2018

 Slam Poetry & Art  from CRHS - City

You Will Always Be Too Much Of Something For Someone,
Too Big, Too Loud, Too Soft, Too Edgy.
If You Round Out Your Edges You Lose Your Edge.
Apologize For Mistakes, 
Apologize For Unintentionally Hurting Someone Profusely.

But Don't Apologize For Being Who You Are
Why Poetry, You Ask?       Because Of Life, 
I Answer.

By James Wilson,  Y10

  Personal Identity artworks

Some CRHS City students have been studying Manga and working at incorporating elements of Maori contemporary art. Manga is a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels, typically aimed at adults as well as children. This piece is the constellation through  the hair.                                                                                             

Generosity New Zealand

13 February 2018

 There are thousands of scholarships available to support our students education for regular school, tertiary and university study.

All students but especially those planning to attend courses further education may be interested in checking out the Generosity NZ website. Here you will find the givME site that has information on scholarships which may be suitable for you.

 Please discuss this with your CRHS teacher. 




NCEA L1 Creative writing

28 November 2017

Not A Sheep

They say I’m weird. No one wants to be different. No one wants to be labelled ‘strange’ or ‘weird’, everyone just wants to fit in and be normal. Most of this is due to the fact that we have been conditioned to believe that anything or anyone that is weird or unfamiliar is bad, and only doing what is trendy or big right now is good. But I like weird people, I like people who aren't afraid to show the world who they are and I think we need more brave people standing up to to society and saying ‘this is me’.

A school's population can often be divided into two categories, the cool kids and the outcasts. Everyone wants to be labelled cool in college and most people will go so far as to completely disregard who they are just to fit into that category. One way I could put it is the popular kids are a flock of sheep, doing everything that society tells them to and the outcasts are wolves. I think a big reason why the cool kids put down and torment the wolves are because they feel frightened and threatened by them. Imagine you walk into college, you have your hair done the same as all your friends and you’re all wearing the same name brand shoes as everyone else, when suddenly you see someone who has bright purple hair all piled on top of their head with brandless shoes. What are you going to do? It seems that most people's instincts are to tear down and make fun of people who are different because they seem weak and weird.  I believe these people are brave and should be celebrated, it's pretty rare to find people who are truly them and own it.

People who are truly themselves will succeed in life. If you know who you are and what you want to do you will be so much happier, you’ll no longer be pretending to be someone you're not. I think as long as you’re happy you’ve succeeded. You see it so often in the music industry, legends like David Bowie and Michael Jackson who have been around for years, they were unique and different right from the start. Then there are the stars these days who have already been around for a long time, like Lady Gaga who was often criticized for the outrageous outfits she wore. These are the people that will be remembered, all the biggest bands and artists are the ones who gave a cold shoulder to what society said was right or wrong. The people that won't be remembered are the ones who just jumped on the bandwagon and did stuff only because they thought other people would like them more for it.

The world is not going to change overnight but one person could make a big difference. I’m not just talking about celebrities, I’m talking about everyday kids stepping out and showing everyone else that it's okay to be a little weird or strange and it's nothing that should be feared. Also you’re not going to wake up one morning and suddenly know who you are. It’s something that takes time and you’ll probably make a lot of mistakes, but it’ll be worth it that day you can finally stand up and say, ‘This is me!’

Horowhenua Y11 student

Te Whare o Rangituhi

19 October 2016

Work from the Te Whare o Rangituhi team classes


     Nga Taiohi students

     art and poetry


     Weaving by students

     at Hikitia te Wairua


Extra Curricular Fun!




  Regional Rangatahi  Adolescent Inpatient      Service students        have been crafting a             rag rug

     Celebrating World             Peace Day




Awesome Artworks

21 October 2016




   Art works from students   in Whanganui 


   Students in Wairarapa      have been enjoying            painting still life