We aim to:

  • Re-engage students in learning.
  • Provide schooling based on meeting individual students' needs and interests. All students have an individual programme based on their needs as assessed at the time of admission and then through on-going assessment. 
  • Work collaboratively and in partnership with other providers/sectors in providing multidisciplinary services around high needs young people. This collaboration is with groups such as the care/health provider, student's previous schools and next educational provider, Te Aho o te Kura Pounamu (Correspondence School) where applicable, student's family/caregiver.  Professionals such as social workers, lawyers, police, educational psychologists, counsellors, and occupational therapists are also involved in the educational process through the Multi Agency Team meetings. Local youth health services visit regularly to develop healthy lifestyle programmes. 
  •  Focus on communication skills. As part of our school focus we have a speech language therapist who works alongside the students and teachers. Student's specific communication needs are identified and a programme is planned. Communication goals are recorded in each individual plan. The speech language therapist assesses students and supports teachers to deliver the programme. 
  • Transition. We assist with support as the student reintegrates back into a local school or further education, e.g. youth training provider or alternative education. We make links with the local providers once a placement is identified. 


The Epuni classroom programme includes: 

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Health and well-being
  • Technology
  • Inquiry learning and SPEC - see www.spec.org.nz
  • Outdoor education programmes: mountain biking, swimming lessons, boxing